Decks fall in and out of favor; such is the wheel of progress. In Legacy, the wheel might turn slower than in other formats, but turn it does. We wanted to know hear Legacy decks people considered underrated at the moment, so we asked some eminent experts of the game for their opinion …

Julian Knab, second among the MKMS Power 8: “Miracles. It feels like the general public has acknowledged it as a real deck but remains skeptical of its power. They shouldn't. It's really good.”

Philipp Krieger, German national champion and WMC semifinalist: “Infect.”

Jonathan Anghelescu, member of the MKMS Power 8: “Burn and Moon Stompy.”

Oliver Polak-Rottmann, GP champion and former Platinum pro: “I think that both Czech Pile and Lands are still underrated.”

Hans Joachim Höh, GP and PT quarterfinalist: “Turbo Depths—cheap, efficient, fun. As good as it gets for a nonblue deck. Miracles—despite some successes the new variants without Sensei's Divining Top often aren't taken as serious as they should be.”