This was the first time both of these players made it to the Top 8 of the MKM Series, but they definitely knew what they were doing. Eiyong Ahn, a South-Korean currently living in Germany, had drafted a white-black deck which had been called, in understatement, “pretty neat.” At least, this was what World Magic Cup semifinalist Philipp Krieger said after losing to it in the quarterfinals.

Meanwhile, Luca Ravagli, Italian champion in 2009, had been the only one at the table to draft Green-Blue Merfolk … As soon as Ahn found out, he began to worry: “I remember blue being so open.”

Eiyong Ahn

Game 1

And Ahn's worries soon proved justified. Ravagli started on Merfolk Mistbinder and followed it up with Watertrap Weaver to tap down Ahn's first creature. Then came Forerunner of the Heralds which put another Mistbinder on top of Ravagli's library.

“Okaaay,” Ahn grumbled. “It feels like I'm up against a Standard deck here.”

He tried to take down one of the Mistbinders in combat with the help of Skulduggery, but Ravagli even had Crashing Tide to remove Ahn's blocker. One turn later, Ravagli used Hunt the Weak to wrap up the game.

Game 2

The second game began, much slower, with River Darter for Ravagli and Inspiring Cleric for Ahn. River Darter was first enchanted by Curious Obsession, then Luminous Bonds.

Luca Ravagli

Over the next couple of turns, Ahn cast Radiant Destiny and Vampire Revenant. However, Ravagli's follow-ups were somewhat stronger, or at least they matched up quite well. He first cast Jadecraft Artisan, then Jade Bearer, then Crashing Tide on the Revenant and Hunt the Weak to kill the Cleric. It wasn't long before another Hunt the Weak sealed the deal once again.

“I don't think I ever had a chance here,” said Ahn, “but it's been great seeing your deck in action!”

Eiyong Ahn was the first to congratulate Luca Ravagli on his victory!