Once again, German national champion and World Magic Cup semifinalist Philipp Krieger was the biggest star to enter our Limited main event. This was only the second stop of the MKM Series he attended, but already he was well on his way toward a third Top 8.

I talked to him after the first round about his Sealed Deck, and he almost looked ashamed when he showed me what he had build. It wasn't bad, not at all. Rather, it was embarassingly overpowered. “I don't think I can complain,” Krieger admitted with a sheepish grin.

I assumed Tetzimoc, Primal Death must the best card of the deck, but Krieger wasn't so sure. “I may just like Golden Demise even more. Or maybe the splashed Tendershoot Dryad. I consider this to be a misprint actually; it definitely should have cost double green.”

There really was no dearth of quality in his blue-black based deck. I wondered whether the deck had been easy to build because of it… “Not at all,” Krieger said. “In fact, all of my colors are solid. I could have easily found something to splash from each. White had Luminous Bonds, red had Bombard and Forerunner of Empire. I could have build a five-color deck, if not for lack of mana fixing.”

He explained that he ended up with blue as his secondary color because of Entrancing Melody, but also because it just offered the best support. “Some fliers, some card draw, some bounce, and some Treasure.”

All in all, Krieger was running five rares. I wanted to grant him that Vona's Hunger maybe didn't count as a proper spoiler. Yet, after the second round, Krieger fessed up that it had been pretty good for him too. “Well … I just killed half of my opponent's board with it.”

Krieger really was blessed today, it appeared. He definitely operated under the City's Blessing with regularity.