Modern is such treasure trove of variety, and is constantly on the move, that it's hardly ever possible to say what the top decks at any given moment are. We decided to focus on the moving parts of the puzzle, and asked some notable experts which Modern decks they considered to be the most underrated right now …

Nicolas Crepelle, MKMS Rome Legacy champion: “Grixis Death's Shadow, I guess, because Temur Battle Rage can beat the two most popular decks, that is, Humans and Hollow One. It might be a good metagame call to run a third Battle Rage again.”

Arne Huschenbeth, Standard champion of MKMS Hamburg 2017 and winner of GP Rimini 2016: “Mono-Green Tron. It's still underrated.”

Thoralf “Toffel” Severin, veteran of two MKM Series Top 8s and three GP Top 8s: “Abzan Turbo Company and Tron.”

Philipp Krieger, WMC semifinalist and veteran of three MKM Series Top 8s: “Infect!”

Andreas Müller, Grand Prix and MKM Series champion: “Counters Company has been flying under the radar for two years now. It has good matchups against all the linear stategies. It is solid versus combo and can even hold its own in grindy matchups.”

Felix Bolland, second in the race for the 2018 MKMS Power 8: “Abzan or Counters Company. The deck's always been underrated and underplayed. One reason for sure are the issues with playing the deck online; you need a lot of apm to execute the combo. For some reasons most pro players do not really enjoy the deck. Honestly, I don't know why. In this world of non-interactive Magic we currently find in Modern, all you need are free wins on turn three!”

Nicklas Krull, veteran of four MKM Series Top 8s: “Blue-Red Storm and Living End.”

Thorben Sieksmeyer, veteran of two MKM Series Top 8s:Death's Shadow variants. I think they are criminally underplayed right now, probably because of its bad matchup against Humans. But if you spent some time tweaking it, it's also possible to beat Humans. And Death's Shadow still is a nightmare of a card, making combat math a challenge for every oponent. Additionally, I like that you have game against most archetypes.”

Hans Joachim Hoeh, Ph.D., quarterfinalist Pro Tour New Orleans 2003: “Maybe Storm and Tron? With the printing of Damping Sphere the most obvious recent change to Modern, this could actually result in the complete opposite of what one would expect. Those decks could see less play overall because of the threat of seeing Damping Sphere from every opponent after boarding. But with a reduced number of Storm/Tron players, it will soon make sense not to have Spheres in your sideboard anymore. At the same time, it is an advantage to be exactly sure which hate cards your opponents will have post-board. Therefore, having a reasonable plan to deal with Spheres in Game 2 and 3 could be good enough in many cases from now on. Storm decks are pretty efficient at digging for specific cards, and they can prepare a good combination of answers to search with Gifts Ungiven.”