Welcome to Legacy Interview 3

Here we are with the great final of our Legacy week. 1 Who are you? My name is Rodrigo Togores. I've been playing collectible card games since I can think. I started with Pokémon, then played Magic, then Yu-Gi-Oh!, and finally went back to Magic. I almost exclusively play eternal formats and love combo. When I started playing Magic more competitively six years ago, I never thought that I would become successful so fast. My biggest achievement was the first place of GP Prague 2016 in the Legacy format. Before that, I won several tournaments in Modern and Vintage,...

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Welcome to Legacy Interview 2

As we promised here is part two of our Legacy interview. So I'm proud to present Julian Knab with Elves. 1 Who are you and what did you already achieve? I’m a 30-year old guy from Munich making a living by sending people to Africa; kind of like a reverse human trafficker, except my clients actually go on holidays and safaris in Kenya. I’ve been playing since the days of Urza’s Saga, but only got into competitive MtG/Legacy in 2005. Apart from several Legacy GP Day2s, I’ve had most of my biggest achievements after picking up Elves. Here’s some...

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Welcome to Legacy Interview 1

As we promised, we start today with the interview with Marius Hausmann about Death and Taxes. I hope you're looking forward to it and find some interesting insight. 1 How did you get into playing Death and Taxes? I've been playing Magic for more than ten years and got into Legacy via Vintage. I was quite successful, for example Top8 at Ovinogeddon or German Legacy Champion. I play Death and Taxes because I really like creature decks, but do not enjoy playing Delver. Also I find decks that win with creatures via Show and Tell kind of boring. That's...

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