MKM Series Trials

MagicCardMarket is happy to offer tournament organizers the chance to run an official MKM Series Trial. MagicCardMarket supports these events with gaming materials and MKM coupons.

MagicCardMarket offers the following:

TOs can provide the reported winner of a MKM Series Trial with the following:

  • A 40 € MKM Coupon as a starting bonus at the respective MKM Series event (to be picked up by the player at the TO desk of the MKM Series when registering for the MKMS main event in the corresponding format of the trial) – this is effectively a free entry for the player.
  • A first-round Bye for the MKM Series main event in the corresponding format of the Trial.
  • A limited MKM Series Playmat (to be picked up at the TO desk of the MKM Series the winner is qualified for)

TOs receive MKM Coupons via mail (to be used as prizes for other tournaments or additional Trials), depending on the size of the Trial according to the final standings of the tournament. TOs are required to report the Trial via the form on the MKM Series website at least 5 days prior to the respective MKM Series event the Trial qualified for.

MKM Trial Prize Support

No. of players
MKM coupons
8 10 € (2 x 5 €)
9 – 16 20 € (4 x 5 €)
17 – 32 30 € (6 x 5 €)
33 – 48 40 € (8 x 5 €)

If you expect more than 48 players at your MKM Series Trial, please contact us prior to the event!

New MKM partners (TOs that run their first MKM Series Trial) can request a merchandising package with MagicCardMarket GAMING MATERIALS (life pads, pens and sleeves). Existing MKM partners can receive MagicCardMarket gaming materials on-demand.

General Rules:

  • To be eligible to run a MKM Series Trial, organizers need to run an open tournament in the formats Modern, Legacy, Standard or Vintage with at least 8 players in an appropriate venue.
  • MKM Series Trials need to be approved by MagicCardMarket. Approved Trials will be listed on the MKM Series website and TOs will receive a confirmation via e-mail.
  • TOs that receive a confirmation for their Trial are considered partners of MKM.
  • Every tournament organizer can organize ONE Trial for each format (maximium of 4 Trials per TO) per MKM Series event.

MagicCardMarket expects the following:

  • TOs / Stores need to apply by providing all necessary information via the contact form on this page and do so at least 5 days before the scheduled date for the Trial.
  • If the Trial gets approved, the TO / Store needs to run a regular MtG tournament, include « MKM Series Trial » in the tournament name and place the roll-up banner prominently in the event venue.
  • TOs / Stores have to submit the final standings of the Trial (simply copy and paste from the official software) together with the winner information (full name and DCI number) at least 3 days before the scheduled date of the MKM Series the Trial qualified for (otherwise, we cannot guarantee the prizes for the winner).
  • TOs / Stores should link on their online platforms (e.g. homepage, facebook page, etc. to the MKM Series website to promote the MKM Series if possible)

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