There can be only one … The catch phrase of the 1986 movie is what gave this community-created format its name, with the central tenet being that only one copy of any card is allowed per deck.

Highlander can look back on a long history, its exact origins hard to pinpoint but dating back at least to the late nineties of the previous century. It's especially popular in and around Germany, where tournaments regularly draw more than a hundred competitors!

Juzam Djinn

Rules Specific to Highlander

  • Only one copy of any card is allowed per deck, except basic lands and cards which override format-specific restrictions like Relentless Rats.
  • Each deck must consist of a minimum of 100 cards.
  • There is no sideboard.
  • Tournament-legal Magic cards from all sets may be used in deck construction, with the exception of cards on the banned list diligently curated by the folks over at highlandermagic.info.
  • In order to reduce the likelihood of having too few or too many lands in one's starting hand, the first time a player takes a mulligan, he or she draws a new hand of as many cards as he or she had before. Subsequent hands decrease by one card and elicit the player to scry 1, as normal.