Prizes for the 2017 MKM Series Power 8

After the final event of the 2017 MKM Series, the eight most successful players of the season, according to the MKM Series 2017 Leaderboard, will be known as the MKMS Power Eight and will receive a reward just for attending the stops of the MKM Series in 2018 (if they take part in at least one of the four main events).

1st Place €300 per stop
2nd Place €200 per stop
3rd & 4th €150 per stop
5th – 8th €125 per stop

That means we're handing out a total amount of up to €7,800 for the eight most successful players of 2017's MKM Series!

How to Earn Leaderboard Points

  • Each player earns 4 points by enrolling in a main event of the MKM Series 2017, regardless of the size of the event. The points specified below are awarded to each main event's top finishers in addition to these 4 points.
  • To clarify: A player is considered to be enrolled in a main event when the player hands in a decklist and is at some point personally present for the tournament in question.
  • If a player wins a Grand Trial tournament at one of the stops of the MKM Series 2017, they'll be awarded 2 points.
  • As we want the series to conclude with a bang, for the last stop of the MKM Series 2017, Barcelona, we will add a 1.5 multiplier to all points given out. (For example, if 250 players show up for an event, the winner will receive 30 points for his finish instead of the regular 20 points.)
0 – 100 Players
1st: 10
2nd: 8
3rd & 4th: 6
5th – 8th: 4
9th – 16th: 2
101 – 300 Players
1st: 20
2nd: 16
3rd & 4th: 12
5th – 8th: 8
9th – 16th: 4
301 – 500 Players
1st: 30
2nd: 24
3rd & 4th: 18
5th – 8th: 12
9th – 16th: 6
501 or more Players
1st: 40
2nd: 32
3rd & 4th: 24
5th – 8th: 16
9th – 16th: 8

In Case of a Tie …

If players are tied on points at the end of the 2017 MKM Series, the following criteria will be used to break ties, applied in the following order, as necessary:

  • Number of first-place finishes at main events
  • Number of second-place finishes at main events
  • Number of Top 4 finishes at main events
  • Number of Top 8 finishes at main events
  • Total number of participants at the main events where a player finished in first place
  • Total number of participants at the main events where a player finished in second place
  • Total number of participants at the main events where a player finished in the Top 4
  • Total number of participants at the main events where a player finished in the Top 8
  • Number of Top 16 finishes at main events
  • Total number of participants at the main events where a player finished in the Top 16

MKM Series 2017 Leaderboard:

The Leaderboard has been updated with the points from MKMS Barcelona, the final stop of the 2017 MKM Series. Meaning, we have a Power 8: Congratulations to Dennis Zens, Julian Knab, Tomas Mar, Johannes Gutbrod, Rodrigo Togores, Kevin Wagner, Jonathan Anghelescu, and Justin Hayo!

(We don't list players with fewer than 24 points. If you believe there to be an error, please get in touch!)

1 Zens, Dennis 132
2 Knab, Julian 107
3 Mar, Tomas 104
4 Gutbrod, Johannes 101
5 Togores, Rodrigo 80
6 Wagner, Kevin 72
7 Anghelescu, Jonathan 70
8 Hayo, Justin 60
9–10 Bender, Marius Thomas 54
9–10 Hausmann, Marius 54
11 Huschenbeth, Arne 50
12 Bulhoff, Simon 48
13–14 Koenigsmark, Dennis 44
13–14 Woelfler, Walter 44
15–17 Ballestin, Daniel 42
15–17 Beiersdorfer, Alexander 42
15–17 Eriksson, Hannes 42
18–22 Bachstadter, Jonas 40
18–22 Bolland, Felix 40
18–22 Cadei, Angelo 40
18–22 Kral, Martin 40
18–22 Thiesen, Anders 40
23 Sanchez, Pedro J. 39
24–26 De Decker, Tom 38
24–26 Linden, Mikael 38
24–26 Persson, Karl Oskar 38
27 Grupp, Momme 37
28–35 Avart, Paul 36
28–35 Basart, Oscar 36
28–35 Bertolin Subira, Marc 36
28–35 Kauf, Jamin 36
28–35 Krull, Nicklas 36
28–35 Lorenz, Maximilian 36
28–35 Sanchez Bartolome, Jesus 36
28–35 Schneider, Valentin 36
36–39 Fischer, Manuel 34
36–39 Gomez, Manuel 34
36–39 Nieke, Jonas 34
36–39 Rodriguez Pozo, Javier 34
40 Martos Donaire, Antonio 33
41–44 Mateo, Joan Anton 32
41–44 Nguyen, Virgil 32
41–44 Tuma, Jiri 32
41–44 Wibmer, Sebastian 32
45–49 Alcoriza, Miquel 30
45–49 Derpmann, Werner 30
45–49 Hastreiter, Simon 30
45–49 Teze, David 30
45–49 Walzer, Friedemann 30
50–57 Artes Moreno, Hector Artes 28
50–57 Henning, Vico 28
50–57 Johnson, Matthew 28
50–57 Kohn, Michel 28
50–57 Marzano, Pierre 28
50–57 Severin, Thoralf 28
50–57 Sieksmeyer, Thorben 28
50–57 Umhöfer, Michael 28
58–59 Garcia Gonzalez, Sergio 27
58–59 Romero Vilardell, Adria 27
60–63 Brownson-smith, Callum 26
60–63 Meinung, Carl 26
60–63 Schubert, Mathias 26
60–63 Szegho, Dalibor 26
64–86 Brown, Jason 24
64–86 Comaposada Cruz, Gabriel 24
64–86 Di Noia, Domenico 24
64–86 Fidzinski, Maciej 24
64–86 Fischer, Tom 24
64–86 Friedrich, Fabian 24
64–86 Guarneri, Harold 24
64–86 Hartwig, Robert 24
64–86 Kaufmann, David 24
64–86 Lindrath, Marc 24
64–86 Martin, Malik 24
64–86 Möller, Steffen 24
64–86 Nimz, Alexander 24
64–86 Pejanovic Nosaka, Tomo 24
64–86 Polzl, Tristan 24
64–86 Reling, Andreas 24
64–86 Reuschel, Christian 24
64–86 Richter, Pascal 24
64–86 Roth, Frank 24
64–86 Schlichting, Kai 24
64–86 Sodomirski, Tomasz 24
64–86 Swiecki, Robert 24
64–86 Walkenhorst, Ole 24

Explanation of the Changes

Over the course of the past two years, we held nine exciting events in various European cities. When we first announced the MagicCardMarket Series back in 2014, we wanted to give back to the community and offer players in Europe another chance to sleeve up and win some great prizes playing Magic. While we think that we have both accomplished this goal and are now meeting the high expectations that you are having when it comes to official MKM branded events, we also collected plenty of feedback which we wanted to incorporate into the MKM Series 2017 and beyond.

One of the biggest complaints that we received was that the MKM Series didn't feel much like a tournament series at all. That is not to say that the individual events weren't fun, it's just that you didn't get the feeling you were working toward a larger goal when you were attending several of these events.

The MKM Series back in 2015
The MKM Series in 2016

While we still think that the original idea behind the MKM Series SuperFinals—rewarding the best players of any given year—was a good one, we don't think this was the very best way to accomplish it. Considering that some players only had to show up for one event of the MKM Series which then qualified them for the SuperFinals, it didn't feel like we were truly rewarding the regulars among the MKM Series competitors who are, after all, the main reason why these tournaments have gained more and more traction and turned into a big success.

That is why, for the MKM Series 2018, we will abandon the SuperFinals and instead replace it with something better: the MKM Series Power Eight! The eight top finishers of the MKM Series 2017, the MKMS Power Eight, will be rewarded with additional prize money just for showing up at the events of the MKM Series 2018!

We think that this is a much better way to continue to grow the international MKM Series community as it will allow the Power Eight to attend even more events in 2018! Also, if one of the Power Eight won't be able to attend one particular event, he still won't be missing out as he can get great extra prizes at the other four stops of the MKM Series (whereas, if someone didn't show up for the SuperFinals, that player didn't get anything out of his good finish in the previous season).

We hope you are as excited as we are about these upcoming changes and you're looking forward to the new rewards we'll have in store for you with the MKM Series moving forward!

The MKM Series events in 2017