MKM Series Toulouse 2015

Event Coverage of the MKM Series Toulouse

Venue Information

Name: Salle Jean Mermoz
Street: 7 Allée Gabriel Biénès
City: Toulouse
Country: France
Venue MKM Series Toulouse - Salle Jean Mermoz

Salle Jean Mermoz, Venue MKM Series Toulouse

Getting there:

Travel by car

By car

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Travel by plane

By plane

The closest airport is Aéroport de Toulouse-Blagnac and it is roughly 13 km away from the venue.

Main Event Prizes

1st: 1.000,- €
2nd: 400,- €
3rd & 4th: 200,- €
5th – 8th: 100,- €
Best Budget: 150,- €
1st: 1.200,- €
2nd: 600,- €
3rd & 4th: 300,- €
5th – 8th: 150,- €
9th – 16th: 50,- €
1st: 1.200,- €
2nd:   600,- €
3rd & 4th:   300,- €
5th – 8th:   150,- €
9th – 16th:   50,- €
1st: 1.000,- €
2nd: 400,- €
3rd & 4th: 200,- €
5th – 8th: 100,- €
9th – 16th:
(120+ Players)
50,- €

The best budget deck (after the Swiss rounds) in the Vintage tournament will win a Special Prize. To qualify, you can't add any of the following cards to your deck: Black Lotus, Ancestral Recall, Time Walk, Mox Sapphire, Mox Ruby, Mox Jet, Mox Pearl, Mox Emerald, Time Twister, Bazaar of Baghdad or Mishra's Workshop.

Additional note: All prizes will be handed out as MKM vouchers. Simply redeem them and your MagicCardMarket account will gain the specified funds.

Featured Artists

Nils Hamm

Nils Hamm will be attended to MKM Series #2. During the three days Nils Hamm can realize some custom sketch or sign your cards.
It's also possible to book a Private Session that would last half an hour during wich artwork will be made with a brushes and acrylic paint.
To book your private session send an email to:

Artisan de l'ombre

Artisan de l'ombre – Original leather material

Kevin Altered

Kevin Altered MTG

Lola Atérations

Lola Atérations

Event Schedule

Friday – 24th of July:

Registration opens
Starts at
Entry Fee
Main Event Standard
10:00 13:00 30,- € see here
Main Event Vintage
10:00 13:30 30,- € see here

Saturday – 25th of July:

Registration opens
Starts at
Entry Fee
Main Event Modern
08:30 09:30 30,- € see here

Sunday – 26th of July:

Registration opens
Starts at
Entry Fee
Main Event Legacy
08:30 09:30 30,- € see here


On top of the events listed above, as soon as 8 players sign up, we will start tournaments in various formats on every day of competition. Please find the entry fees and prize payouts below.

Entry Fee:

(Vintage, Legacy, Modern, Standard or Commander)

10,- € 1st: 1 exclusive playmat + 60,- € MKM Voucher
15,- € 1st: 30,- € MKM Voucher 2nd: 15,- € MKM Voucher
25,- € 1st: 35,- € MKM Voucher 2nd: 20,- € MKM Voucher
5,- € Winner takes all 8 boosters + 1 exclusive playmat

(Vintage, Legacy, Modern or Standard)

15,- € 1st: Free Entry + 1 Bye for the respective Main Event + exclusive playmat + Sleep-In
* Mini-Masters:

Every player opens a booster face-down and the cards included become his deck. The winner of each respective round takes all cards from his opponent and they become his deck for the following round. The eventual winner of the tournament keeps all 8 packs.

Additional prize:

Every participant of a 8 Man Side Event receives 1 exclusive token.


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