Named for its restriction to only allow common cards, Pauper had its origins on Magic Online where it was first popularized by players. However, it quickly gained a big following and became an official Constructed format.

Many variants exist, but the most commonly played version of Pauper allows commons from all of Magic‘s past. The resulting environment features various high-powered decks, including the full spectrum from beatdown to control to combo strategies.

Modern Format

Rules Specific to Pauper

  • All cards which have a version listed as common at are allowed, regardless of whether said version exists in printed form. Most notably, Chainer's Edict is allowed because it appeared at common rarity in Vintage Masters.
  • In defiance of this, the cards Desert, Goblin Grenade, High Tide, Hymn to Tourach, Merchant Scroll, and Sinkhole aren't considered commons and aren't allowed.
  • For a list of banned cards, please check: