Age: 23

City: Milan

Country: Italy

Previous Magic Accomplishments:

  • Rookie of the Year 2010
  • Top 4 at Pro Tour San Juan
  • Top 8 Italian Nationals in 2010
  • A number of Top 64 at the Grand Prix

MKM Series Milan 2016 – Vintage:

Deck: Jace Mentor, because Wiky told me to play it.

Most useful sideboard card:
Flusterstorm, you know why!

What was the most interesting play you saw or made this weekend?
Hidden Guerillas – best card ever!

What's the best Vintage deck in your opinion (that you did not play)?

What's your nightmare match-up in the Top 8?
Mirror (Luca Lovino).

Andrea Giarola is the Vintage Champion of MKM Series Milan!