Name: Arjen Ruiterkamp

Age: 29

City: Hengelo

Country: Netherlands

Previous Magic Accomplishments: Not much.

MKM Series Frankfurt 2016 – Vintage:

Deck: I'm playing Eldrazi with White, because I only own 4 Moxes and 2 Workshops, so this is the best deck for what I got in my opinion.

Most useful sideboard card: Leyline of Sanctity, it won me a game.

What was the most interesting play you saw or made this weekend?
Basically just curving properly and making a turn 2 Thought-Knot Seer and then turn 3 4 Reality Smashers.

What is the best Vintage deck in your opinion (that you did not play yourself)?
Gush Mentor is a really powerful deck.

What's your nightmare match-up in the Top 8?
I don't like the Tezzeret Belcher decks.

Anton Karlinski advanced to the Top 8 of the Vintage main event at the MKM Series Frankfurt in 2016. Find out more about him on this player profile.