Country: Spain

Age: 27

City: Contantly changing, Spain

Pro Tour Return to Ravnica Top 8, 3 National Teams (Canada, Great Britain, England), 3x Grand Prix Top 8

MKM Series Madrid 2015 – Legacy:

Deck: Ant Storm

What deck did you play this tournament, and why?
ANT Storm. It's very powerful and I have a lot of previous experience with it.

What was the best card in your main deck, and why?
Past in Flames. It's a guaranteed kill for Ad Nauseam. Really: Gitaxian Probe. It allows you to play against Storm.

What was the best card out of your sideboard, and why?
Empty the Warrens as it's an alternative win condition.

What was the most interesting play you made so far this tournament?
My opponent Force of Wills Rituals to play and discard spells.

Eduardo Sajalik