Name: Jan Verhülsdonk

Age: 26

City: Aachen

Country: Germany

Previous Magic Accomplishments:
I won on the draw with Titan/Scapeshift against an 8Rack opponent; he made me discard an Obstinate Baloth. 🙂

MKM Series Frankfurt 2016 – Standard:

Deck: I have been playing GR Ramp in Standard for roughly 3 months now. I played the deck in different metagames and think I know about its options. Also, it is a good meta call against X1 and X2 creature Decks.

Most useful sideboard card: Thought-Knot Seer

What was the most interesting play you saw or made this weekend?
Anguish Unmaking my Oath with an active Jace on board and 4 cards in his graveyard. He got his fifth Mana and flips the Jace to flashback Infinite Obliteration to get my Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger out of my hand. Next turn he would have been dead, so well done.

What is the best Standard deck in your opinion (that you did not play yourself)?
UR Eldrazi

What's your nightmare match-up in the Top 8?
WB Control, with endless discard