Country: Czech Republic

Age: 26

City: Prague, Czech Republic

Nothing special, just some top 8s in smaller tournaments in local game stores.

MKM Series Prague 2015 – Modern:

Deck: Grixis Delver

What deck did you play this tournament, and why?
I chose Grixis Delver. I own the cards for it and I've played variations of blue red decks in the past few years, so I have some knowledge how to play it.

What was the best card in your main deck, and why?
Snapcaster Mage, but the second best and amazing was Gurmag Angler. Much better than Tasigur in this particular deck.

What was the best card out of your sideboard, and why?
Spellskite is an all-star for various match-ups. I sideboarded it in a lot.

What was the most interesting play you made so far this tournament?
Putting Vampiric Link on Eidolon of Great Revels with Spellskite in play and watching how my opponent was trying to kill it.

Jan Zidek