Country: Spain

Age: 19

City: Malaga, Spain

Qualified for the Pro Tour and a Grand Prix Day 2 appearance.

MKM Series Madrid 2015 – Modern:

Deck: R/G Tron

What deck did you play this tournament, and why?
RG Tron, because when it works, it's the best deck in Modern.

What was the best card in your main deck, and why?
Karn Liberated; I love exiling lands!

What was the best card out of your sideboard, and why?
Dismember, because I made it into the tops by killing a Deceiver Exarch without colored mana.

What was the most interesting play you made so far this tournament?
I sacrificed a Chromatic Star and I drew before choosing the color of the mana. The ruling of the head judge was that my opponent may look at my hand, choose a card and shuffle it into my deck, then I couldn't draw but I could add mana; better than a Thoughtseize.

Jose Luis Rodriguez Martin