Country: Spain

Age: 23

City: Madrid, Spain

None, apart from making day 2 at GP Madrid

MKM Series Madrid 2015 – Standard:

Deck: Atarka Red

What deck did you play this tournament, and why?
Atarka Red. It is solid, fast, explosive and it is the only deck I own.

What was the best card in your main deck, and why?
Temur Battle Rage. Combined with any other pump spell or Prowess, it can steal the match.

What was the best card out of your sideboard, and why?
Roast. It simply removes big, problematic creatures.

What was the most interesting play you made so far this tournament?
Making a Den Protector fight an unflipped Jace with Dromoka's Command… with Jeskai Ascendancy on his side. Turned out he had some spell that gave his Jace +1/+1, killing the Den Protector. Completely brutal. The Jace player ended up on 9th place.

Juan Picón Alonso