Age: 25

Occupation: Musician

Hometown: Rome, Italy

Previous Magic Accomplishments:
10-5 at Grand Prix Turin, multiple Game Day champion.

MKMS Rome 2018 – Modern

What deck did you play and why?
I chose Mono-Blue Living End because it has good matchups versus most of the tier one decks of the moment, like Tron, Jund, et cetera.

What changes would you make to your deck and why?
I will change my sideboard plan against Affinity, the only match I've lost in the Swiss.

What is the best Modern deck in your opinion (that you did not play yourself)?
The best deck in Modern, right now, for me is Red Deck Wins. I didn't play it because I didn't like the strategy of “burning” opponents. I like to play a game “together” with my opponent.