Name: Lukasz Fliegel

Age: 33

Occupation: Software Developer

City: Chorzow

Country: Poland

Previous Magic Accomplishments: 1 Pro Point at GP Amsterdam 2017

MKM Series Prague 2017 – Standard:

Deck: U/W Monument. I think it has decent matchup against the Mono Red and Zombies. It has very strong openings, so I had some free games playing it.

What changes would you make to your deck and why?
I'll put in more hate cards against Mono Red, like Annointer Priest or Authorit of the Consuls

What is the best Standard deck in your opinion (that you did not play yourself)?
I think Temur is pretty strong in both configurations – energy and emerge. It has so many cantrips that it doesn't feel like a fair deck. I didn't chose it because I was anticipating a lot of Mono R and Zombies.