Country: Poland

Age: depends

City: Warsaw, Poland

Level 1 Judge

MKM Series Prague 2015 – Legacy

Deck: Pasek Burg

What deck did you play this tournament, and why?
Pasek_Burg. It's not Grixis and it's not just some Delver Aggro.

What was the best card in your main deck, and why?
Grim Lavamancer, they helped me deal millions of points of damage!

What was the best card out of your sideboard, and why?
Null Rod, because it's old school.

What was the most interesting play you made so far this tournament?
In a Vintage tournament, I've hard casted Griselbrand on my 3rd turn.

Maciej Fidzinski

Name: Maciej Fidzinski

Occupation: Ultimate Accountant and Problem Solver

Age: A little above 18

City: Warsaw, Poland

I have made a couple of Legacy and Vintage Top 8s. I'm a more casual player than you can suspect.

MKM Series Prague 2017 – Vintage:

Deck: Ravager Shops – because it's easier than Mentor or Combo decks. You just play cards from left to right.

What changes would you make to your deck and why?
None. It works so it stays the same till the next tournament.

What is the best Vintage deck in your opinion (that you did not play yourself)?
Probably Oath deck