Name: Marco Boccalari

Age: 22

Occupation: Fashion Blogger

City: Crosione a.k.a. Pavia Bene

Country: Italy

Previous Magic Accomplishments: I once opened a pack that had no rares in it.

MKM Series Milan 2017 – Legacy:

Deck: I played B/U/G Delver, which a friend borrowed me, because I thought I had to judge and didn't bring a deck.

What changes would you make to your deck and why?
I can't tell. I have been drunk for the most part of the tournament, so I don't really know how I managed to end up in the Top 8.

What is the format's best deck in your opinion (that you did not play yourself)?
Miracles but with Thunderous Wrath instead of Terminus and Sleight of Hand instead of Brainstorm.