Name: Richard Coates

Age: 25

City: London

Country: United Kingdom

Previous Magic Accomplishments:
2004 North East County Championships Runner-Up

MKM Series London 2016 – Modern:

Deck: Living End – if opponents don't have the hate, it's an incredibly consistent combo deck, and if they do have the hate, it's very possible to fight through it. I think I'd play more Cascaders and Blackcleave Cliffs if I were to play it again.

Most useful sideboard card: Ingot Chewer – it's useful for battling through the hate and against lots of decks, it can be a proactive threat as well.

What was the most interesting play you saw or made this weekend?
Greater Gargadon sacrificing Spreading Seas-enchanted lands to disable Islandwalk against Merfolk.

What is the best Modern deck in your opinion (that you did not play yourself)?
Probably Affinity, if played properly. But that's easier said than done!

Which deck type do you not want to get paired against in the Top 8?
RG Tron