Name: Stuart Schaum

Age: 38

City: London

Country: UK

Previous Magic Accomplishments:
Won GP Lille Vintage 2015

MKM Series London 2016 – Legacy:

Deck: Reanimator – it's one of my go to decks and it gives you plenty of time between rounds.

Most useful sideboard card: Keranos, God of Storms; it won me the Miracles match-up.

What was the most interesting play you saw or made this weekend?
Mull to 6 in Vintage, see Black Lotus on the Scry, play a land – Sensei's Divining Top – swap for Black Lotus and cast Magus of the Moon.

What is the best Legacy deck in your opinion (that you did not play yourself)?
Shardless BUG – it's really consistent and has crazy card draw.

Which deck type do you not want to get paired against in the Top 8?
Anything that plays turn one Deathrite Shaman constantly.