With few exceptions, Vintage allows all cards from Magic‘s long history to be played, even if the most powerful are restricted to one copy per deck. It requires an impressive collection of highly desired cards to even stand a chance and tournaments mostly only draw die-hard fans of the format.

Powered by cards like Mox Sapphire, Ancestral Recall, Black Lotus, and/or Mishra's Workshop, Vintage games typically don't last many turns, but allow for some of the most powerful interactions ever seen in Magic: The Gathering.

Vintage Format

Rules Specific to Vintage

  • Silver-bordered cards, cards with the card type “Conspiracy,” cards that reference playing for ante, as well as Chaos Orb, Falling Star, and Shahrazad are banned. Everything else is fair game, although a lot of cards are restricted, that is, limited to one copy per deck.
  • For a full list of banned and restricted cards, please check: